Wireless Monitoring Systems

Wireless Monitoring SystemVPS offers a wide range of wireless, motion-activated monitoring systems for the monitoring of vacant properties. As these monitoring systems do not require the use of electricity, they are easily installed in vacant and abandoned properties to monitor unwarranted entry, crime and the presence of squatters. Through the use of wireless technology, our monitoring systems can be programmed to notify the client when a motion is recognized.

  • Wireless Monitoring
    • Controlled from a central unit, VPS' monitoring sensors detect heat andmotion. Additionally the central unit can be pared with multiple remote sensors within the facilitycovering additional floors and overall square footage. Wireless technology will alert thecustomer based on the motion the sensor recognizes.
  • Camera Sensors
    • When triggered, sensors record short video clips
  • Water-Bug Sensors
    • Detect water on the floor and trigger alerts ahead of floods
  • Glass Break Sensors
    • Detect any windows or glass door damage